On Page SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a critical component of the success of any website. Newer websites often struggle to garner the page views that they desire. This is due to the fact that they simply have not had the time to establish a loyal fan base or viewership. Additionally, the longer a website has been in operation, the higher it ranks in Google search results. Most website owners agree that it is a primary goal to achieve higher search engine rankings. The rationale for this is simple: higher rankings lead to free advertising. Higher search engine rankings are most often achieved through on page SEO.

Search engine optimisation is a necessary component of any website. It should be viewed as a critical piece to a functioning engine. In fact, websites which do not employ on page SEO, are destined for failure. You simply cannot expect to gain attention if people do not have a way to locate your content. When your website shows up in organic search listings, it means that people are able to stumble across it, even when they are searching for another piece of information. Establishing quality back links and content is a major factor. It allows people to find your site much more easily.

Web content is at the core of quality SEO work. Your content must be usable, which means that other people can actually apply it to help themselves. It must also be unique; copying content or providing duplicate content within the same website is a quick way to achieve Google penalties. Google penalties come in many forms, but the most often consequence is a sudden drop in search engine ranking. This becomes especially noticeable when the number of unique visitors begins to plummet. On page SEO work can be utilised to help your website to get back on track, while eliminating the penalties that were imposed.

While it is a great idea to provide images and videos to boost your SEO potential, it is not enough to simply add this type of content with reckless abandon. When you add a video to your website, it must be relevant to the content, and it must actually work. Search engines have a way of identifying websites which contain video links that consistently do not work. This becomes problematic because people who visit the website will quickly become disinterested in trying to find out how to make it work.

Another aspect of on page SEO, is web page efficiency. The pages located on a website must load at a reasonable pace. Slow loading web pages cause visitors to leave the website for other sites which contain similar information. Sometimes people click a link on a site, only to be greeted with a 404 Error message. Consider the times in which you excitedly clicked a link, only to get this message instead. You probably left the website quickly. SEO practices are critical to achieving higher traffic, and for building a much better brand.