Submit Your Website To Directories

Every website, whether it is for business, to provide information, or to raise awareness about a worthy cause, benefits from website directory submissions. One of the main goals for every website creator, is to generate traffic. In order to generate website traffic, people must be able to locate your site through search engines. Web directories are widely considered to be a major part of the puzzle when it comes to search engine optimisation. You need to generate exposure for your website, and submitting it to directories is one of the best ways to achieve this goal.

Paid directories usually charge annual fees for their services. the nice thing about paid directories is that you do not have to wait for your website to become established in order to benefit from a listing. The popularity of the paid listing sites is what matters the most when it comes to getting the most exposure. For example, the Yahoo search directory used to be free, but now it charges an annual fee. However, it is well worth the price, as many people use this directory to conduct searches. There are over 100,000 different .edu and .gov back links on Yahoo’s directory. is another paid directory which allows you to pay a fee for services. It also features different categories to further optimise your website.

Free website directories are just as helpful as the ones that you pay for, as they get plenty of traffic. Perhaps the most recognisable and free directory is provided by Google. Google is widely regarded as the primary search engine used. People from all over the world use it daily to find the products and services that they covet. Additionally, if you have a highly unique website, then your site will rank higher on Google. Link Book, Amray and Directory World are also great free directories. Other people choose Bing because it is becoming more popular to use by the day.

Back links are the main motivation for listing in directories. They establish your website and where it fits online. The more back links that you establish, the higher the probability that you will achieve a much more popular website. Simple mentions and posted links to your website on blogs can help tremendously. It all really depends on your web traffic goals and the ways those goals fit into your future plans. Back links typically make it easier for people to navigate from one type of information to another quite seamlessly.

The bottom line is that web directories are an important tool, especially for newly formed websites. Websites which have many years of success often do not require multiple directory listings. They have already built a brand, and thus benefit from back links created within other sites in that given niche. However, you will find that many of the most successful blogs got their start through quality directory listings. Take the time to find out which directories are the best options for you, and you’ll begin to experience more web traffic in no time at all.